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Easy & Quick Sale! Too Good To Be True?

Several national corporations advertise they will buy your home, without the stress and inconvenience of you having to list it or show it to buyers. They will make you a cash offer without even seeing your home. That sounds too good to be true but it is actually a real option in today’s market.

Here is the inside scoop on this new trend in selling homes

Zillow Offers, OpenDoor, OfferPad, and others advertise they will make you an instant offer on your home.

As with most marketing ploys, there is a catch. While these companies DO buy homes, they only do it when they are going to make money by doing so. It is expensive to buy and flip homes, so companies don’t do it simply to give sellers an easier way out.

Companies that make Instant Offers on homes must have a margin of profit to justify the risks, carrying costs, refurbishing costs, and selling costs to re-list and sell a home.

There is another, better option if you want to avoid the hassle or time involved with preparing your home to sell, or if you need a quick sale for any reason. It is similar to the national companies that buy homes, but it is better. It is locally owned and operated, and located right here in the north metro Atlanta area.

Check out Path & Post Offers by clicking HERE. Path & Post’s instant offer iBuyer program takes the best of the national iBuyer companies that make instant offers on your home, and we combine it with a local offer from Path & Post for comparison. So you can compare instant offers from several national companies, as well as an instant offer from a trusted local company, in one easy to read simple comparison report.

Learn more and explore this option with today!

There is truth in the saying…
if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

There is always a catch with the national companies that buy homes. With Path & Post Offers, our process is transparent and we will tell you exactly what to expect from the very beginning. With the other companies, they each have different fees, approaches, and processes. We have experience with their programs, and can help you navigate and understand those details before you venture down that path. In some cases, we do actually recommend accepting an instant offer from OpenDoor, Zillow, or OfferPad if we believe it is in your best interest to accept one of those instant offers after comparing all the options.

In the case of the national instant offer companies, they will do a home inspection and expect a repair credit that can include actual repairs, or items needing refurbishing like paint or flooring, or updating of things light plumbing and light fixtures. So while the initial offer may seem easy and enticing, it can be several more weeks before the real cost to sell is known.

A review of recent purchases by these companies shows that sellers consistently have to negotiate another $10,000-$40,000 off the price as a “repair credit” after they give you the initial price that seemed so fair. Often sellers get frustrated because these repair credits are not negotiable.

iBuyer companies are using this instant offer business model for their own financial gain. There is nothing wrong with them making a profit, but we prefer to see the local homeowner have the option to get a local instant offer to compare to the national offers, plus a full market option to compare the full cost of an instant offer versus a market approach.

Path & Post Offers has complete information on our program, where you are in the driver’s seat, reviewing all your choices at once.

Whether you opt for an instant offer or a market approach we highly recommend researching the agent or team you will do business with by Googling Them and looking at their past customer reviews and online marketing.

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