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Google Your Real Estate Agent


How do you research an agent or team before hiring them?

Before enlisting the services of an agent or team for one of the largest financial and emotional transactions of a lifetime, you should do your research.

The modern world of home buying and selling is digital, so a strong digital presence is an important indicator of a professional, experienced team, or agent.

How to Analyze a Real Estate Agent or Team:

Start by simply typing their name or team name into Google to see what shows up, then dive deeper to explore their online presence.

  1. Do they have reviews?
    Check out their reviews on Google, Facebook, Realtor, and Zillow.
    Do their review pages have links to their website and social media platforms?
    Do those links work?
  2. Is their website and technology up to speed?
    Is it the typical cookie-cutter template provided by their broker with a clunky user experience?
    Or is it fully custom, rich with local community content and information?
    Is their website all about them or all about the buyer experience?
    Can saved searches help buyers get instant notifications of new listings?
    Is their website GPS enabled for easy mobile searching?
    How many page views do they get a month?
    How many new buyer registrations does their site generate a month?
    How large is their buyer database to share their new listings with?
  3. How is their social media presence?
    Do they have a Facebook business page with reviews?
    How many people have liked their Facebook page?
    What about Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest?
    Does their personal Facebook page show them doing other jobs, in addition to real estate?
    Will they be tied up with their other job and unavailable to help real estate clients?

If you Google search for ‘Path & Post’, what will you find?

  1. has over 600+ NEW buyers register to use our website every single month.
  2. Path & Post’s website has over 30,000 new page views a month.
  3. There are thousands of followers of the Path & Post Facebook page.
  4. There are extensive reviews on Google, Facebook, Realtor, and Zillow.
  5. Path & Post is led by local owners who are tech-savvy and community-minded, leading a team that truly cares about our clients and where we all live, work, and play!

Ready to find your path forward?

Contact the team at Path & Post today for a personal consultation with one of our expert, friendly real estate strategists. 

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