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Boutique Real Estate Teams Make Life Better For Everyone

The biggest problem with the real estate industry is consumers pay the same amount for an average agent as they do for a professional real estate experience.

Path & Post was built from the ground up to be different. We are a team brokerage focused on enriching the life transitions of our clients. In order to accomplish this goal, we knew that first we had to create a place that was designed to add value from the inside out. A place where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to put their best work into helping others. 

Recently, an industry survey shared key findings that confirm our mission is valuable to consumers and agents alike: agents seeking growth should consider joining a boutique team. 

Read on to learn more about the key benefits for being a part of a boutique team and how Path & Post is an example of these benefits in action. 

Key Benefits of Boutique Teams 

Here are some key benefits for agents who are looking to be part of a boutique team: 

  • Quality of the customer experience is more important to agents on boutique teams than the average agent. And with 96% of consumers saying customer service is an important factor when choosing brand loyalties, boutique teams – which prioritize the consumer experience – are well-positioned to attract lifelong customers.
  • Agents on boutique teams are more likely to see the team as pivotal to their success than the average team agent (89% for boutique teams, compared to 72% for the average team agent).
  • Most agents join boutique teams out of a desire to provide a better customer experience. This customer-centric ethos across all members of the team will help build loyalty and referrals among buyers and sellers.
  • Nearly every single agent surveyed (96%) reported earning higher income after joining a boutique team, compared with 76% of agents who reported higher income after joining a team in general.
  • Drilling down further, agents who have been on both a traditional brokerage team and a boutique team throughout their careers report experiencing increased learning and development (89%), productivity (85%), sales results (84%), and mentorship (83%) on the boutique team.
  • Agents who join boutique teams consistently report: 
    • Higher satisfaction 
    • Higher income
    • Increased productivity
    • More opportunities for learning and development
    • Better access to mentorship 

Agents evaluating their next move should keep these benefits of joining a boutique team in mind.

Not All Teams Are The Same 

It’s now widely recognized that being on a real estate team is a smart path to increased productivity, better work/life balance, and professional growth. Choosing a team that aligns with your own goals and values is imperative for achieving success, but not all teams are the same. Some teams are affiliated with traditional, large-scale brokerage firms, while others are part of boutique brokerage firms that are locally owned & operated. 

At Path & Post, we recognize this distinction, and work to enrich life transitions, which means that we understand the real estate transaction is just a part of the bigger life moment our clients are experiencing. This understanding is founded on our belief that where you live and make memories is important. By focusing on our clients’ goals rather than our own, our proven results are confirmed by earning five-star reviews so our clients can move forward with confidence. 

Our unique culture is a huge part of what makes us successful as a team and a player in our space. We live out that culture each day through our RUG Values, which are: Respect, Unity, and Golden Rule+. These RUG values form the basis upon which our business thrives and grows, which enables us to better understand the life transitions our clients are going through so we can help achieve what matters most to them.

In addition to many of the benefits of boutique real estate teams listed above, members of our team also have unique benefits that include full vacation support, access to elite training & technology, opportunities provided to you, and flexible commission income. 

If being part of something bigger than yourself and helping others drives your goals, reach out to learn more about joining our team of professionals. 

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