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The Wait Is Over; Fall Is the Time to Sell Your Atlanta Home

While the first half of 2020 saw the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic hit sectors of the economy across the board hard, the real estate market surged forward, despite the pandemic. Real estate continues to remain hot as we head into the fall market.

If you are looking to sell but are having second thoughts on whether the time to list your home is right, it comes as a reprieve that today is a perfect opportunity to cash in on the fall property market potential as you sell your home.

Why This Fall Is Perfect Timing for Selling Your Atlanta Home

1. The Real Estate Market Is Having a Great Year, Despite The Pandemic.

According to Altos Research’s market data, real estate property sales will be more resolute in the coming weeks and months of 2020; thus, exciting possibilities lie ahead for home sellers. An in-depth look at these impressive macro trends in the property market or a Zillow report on how properties are holding out inspires confidence of better times in the market this fall. Banking on these property market trends and the exciting home sale possibilities they portend could see sellers win big as the property market recovers.

2. Low-Interest Rates Are Keeping the Demand for Homes High.

With the increased number of buyers looking to capitalize on the current low-interest rates, your chances of finding a buyer quickly should make the decision of selling your home now a smooth sail. The current demand for homes not only increases your potential for landing a buyer pretty fast, but it also makes selling your property at more favorable terms a very likely prospect.

3. The Pandemic Delayed Seasonality.

Pundits foresee demand for homes to continue this fall because of the home-buying seasons that were postponed by the pandemic. For the better part of the first and second quarters of 2020, the property market had stalled, but at present seasonal adjustments are paving the way for a comeback in the housing market. The welcome news for sellers is that boom time is here, and looming seasonal adjustments as buyers make up for lost time will propel the value of homes upwards this fall.

4. Sellers Have More Options Than Ever Before.

With most iBuyers picking up from where they left off operations due to the pandemic, it is a welcome relief for homeowners looking to sell that they now have more options than before. As a homeowner, you probably don’t plan to postpone the decision to sell your home until more sellers come to market, or do you? Listing your Atlanta home now may be the smarter strategy. Now that iBuyers are back in business, you do not have to feel stuck where to start selling because Path & Post is here for you. Because you deserve the best experience as you sell your Atlanta home, we will analyze all your options and advise you on what is best for you.

5. Less Traffic in The Property Market Means Less Competition.

While the National Association of Realtors (NAR) statistics show that property market traffic is picking up, many homeowners who pulled off their listed homes due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic are yet to relist. Therefore, listing your home now could see you enjoy less competition and excellent chances of securing a sale relatively fast. You do not want to hold off listing your home this fall, only to list it later when the property market is more competitive.

Are you looking to move forward with your plan of selling your North Atlanta home, but you are overwhelmed on how to go about it? Path & Post is here to help. We invite you to get in touch and schedule a Discovery Session with us to learn about all of your options today.

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