Our Unique Team Approach

Path & Post has built a team of specialists who focus on either buyers or sellers. Our Seller Specialists do not serve Buyers, nor do our Buyer Specialists serve Sellers. This unique approach allows our Specialists to focus on you and your needs without being distracted trying to also serve clients with very different goals.

Too many agents try to be all things to all people, and we feel it’s the client who suffers. A specialist approach allows us to serve your buying and selling goals without compromising our service level. Our Seller Specialists are always ready to handle questions and negotiations on their listings. Our Buyer Specialists are always ready to show property and negotiate the best deal on offers made by their buyers. Best of all, the collective knowledge, wisdom, and experience of our team gives a depth of expertise a solo agent can’t provide.

In addition to buyer and seller specialists, we also have a full team of service specialists dedicated to customer support, contract management, and marketing.

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Why a Team is Better

While allowing for specialists to develop expertise in their field of service, a team also provides the following benefits to you as a client:

1. Better Support
One person can’t be in multiple places at the same time. Sometimes your agent is tied up with another client and that’s when a team can step in and support you.

2. Better Exposure
As a seller, you want to maximum exposure to the market. As a buyer, you want to be confident you’ve considered all of the properties that meet your criteria. Our team approach allows both goals to be met without sacrificing service.

3. Better Access
You want the latest information in the palm of your hand and you want access to experts who can add wisdom to your knowledge. Our team provides specialized experts and a mobile friendly website that is updated every hour with the latest information from the local MLS.

Personalized Experience
Everything we do starts with understanding your transition. Why you are moving is just as important as the price and details of the transaction. Once we understand your why, we can customize an experience to deliver our market insights and expertise to help you accomplish your goals.

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