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When you work with Path & Post Real Estate, you get a Strategic Guide trained to a professional standard above and beyond the average real estate agent.

A dramatically better way to find your path forward

Clients experience an Innovative Team Brokerage Model that assigns a Buyer Specialist to help you purchase real estate and a Seller Specialist to help you sell real estate. Instead of one person trying to be all things to all people, you get a Team of Two professionals focused on helping you find your path forward in life!

The average agent makes promises. A Strategic Guide crafts a custom plan with proven results to accomplish what matters most to you!

Meet Our Agents

We believe Life Transitions are more important than real estate transactions.

In fact, we built our entire company to be unique in our industry…

  • We focus on service, not sales.
  • We are client-centric, not agent-centric.
  • We are specialized, not generic.
  • We are collaborative, not competitive.
  • We have a proven process, systems, solutions, & marketing that gets results!

Guiding clients through one of life’s biggest transitions is the most rewarding experience.

If you are a licensed agent or know someone who is looking for a better work-life balance with predictable success, then learn more at