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Current Market Update

How’s the market?

Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market? Is the market heating up or cooling down? Path & Post’s Market Action Index lets you know instantly! The MAI helps you quickly see where prices are going to go in the future.

How are list prices?

The median price of all homes currently for sale in the market. Look at Median List Price as a barometer of sellers’ current confidence levels, as current individual pricing decisions are based on recent pending and closed transactions. Median List Price is highly correlated with the eventual sales price of homes in 1-6 months and a leading indicator of home values in the future.

What’s the pace of the current market?

New Listings vs Listings Absorbed points to the velocity of the market: how fast properties are getting snapped up after they’re listed. If properties are getting absorbed faster than new listings are coming onto the market, this points to strong demand and inventory tightening up.

Interest Rates

Interest Rates impact your Buying Power more than Sales Price.

Did you know?
Lenders qualify buyers based on payment, not price.

A $600,000 loan amount at 5.0% rate has a lower payment than a $500,000 loan at 7.0%?

*Assuming 30 yr fixed mortgage.

Local Market Reports By City

Track your hyper-local market with weekly updates or reach out for help and let our trusted real estate guides help you convert market information into insight.

Local Market Reports By County

County level reports give you a wider view of the market when you aren’t exactly certain which city is right for you.