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Ideal Paint Colors for Selling Your Home

Everyone has a preference in color; in the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, and even on the walls in our homes. Color is a very personal choice and often can be a reflection of emotion and personality.  While many bright colors throughout a home might bring joy and happiness to one homeowner, another may prefer something more subtle and consistent. When it comes to selling your home, we always recommend soft, neutral colors throughout. Not only does this present a clean, inviting environment, but it also allows potential buyers to see all the features of the home without being distracted by colors that may or may not appeal to them personally.

Neutral Paint Colors 2016


So Many Color Options…How To Choose?

If you’ve not painted recently, you may be surprised to find that selecting a neutral color can lead to an overwhelming assortment of color options. There are literally hundreds of varying “neutrals” offered and what you see on a color swatch in the store can look completely different on the walls in your home, given the amount and type of lighting. Homes with many windows providing substantial natural light can bring out peach/pink undertones in certain tan colors, while homes with more artificial light tend to evoke a yellow hue in tan colors. Depending on your lighting situation, you may need to select neutral colors opposite from what your lighting will emphasize to counteract an abundance of pink or yellow tones. This might include selecting a more golden tan (Believable Buff) for a home with a lot of natural light or a whiter, less golden tan (Natural Linen) for homes with more artificial light.

Pairing Neutrals with the Existing Colors in Your Home

You should also consider neutral tones that best coordinate with your cabinets, granite, and flooring. Warm neutral tones will compliment brown and cream, while cool neutral tones are better suited for black and white. So, for example, if you have black granite countertops and white cabinets, you might consider a cool gray neutral versus a warm tan neutral.  And if you really can’t decide, try something in between – like Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige. It is the “perfect” combination of beige and gray. The recommendation for when to use warm/cool colors is simply a guideline and may not always represent the best color option for all scenarios.

The above recommended Sherwin Williams colors received the highest rankings for neutral paint colors that help sell homes. You can buy a sample quart to test in your home first, to make sure it coordinates with your other colors and to ensure you are not pulling too much pink or yellow from the lighting in your home. Painting a poster board and viewing it throughout different rooms in your home helps analyze if the color is a good fit.

An Investment With Ample Return

While painting may seem like an unnecessary expense prior to selling your home, it truly can become the deciding factor to a buyer making an offer or not. Path & Post’s Becky Babcock can attest to the effectiveness of painting as “fresh neutral paint offers a great return on investment by widening the home’s appeal to more buyers and shortening the time on market.” First impressions are everything when it comes to selling a home. Many times buyers will not come back a second time if you later decide to paint after your home has actively been on the market. Why? Because those buyers made offers on homes with fresh neutral paint; which upon entering the home, they immediately saw it as their own.

Our Real Estate Specialists are excellent resources at advising sellers on the most economical and beneficial home repairs and/or enhancements to expedite the sale of a home. Their expertise has saved clients time and money guiding sellers to properly and effectively showcase their home.


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