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When It Makes Sense To Sell It Yourself

Atlanta For Sale By Owner

Still ready to go it alone? Answer these questions…

What are you trying to maximize?
Your take home dollars? Time to sell? Reliability in the transaction or other headaches?

Days on Market in your price range?
What can you reliably expect? Is the market as hot in your price range as you think it is? Don’t forget to look at the levels of buyer traffic. How many times should you expect to show your house before you get an offer?

What are you thinking about Buyer financing?
Are you only taking cash offers? Or are you thinking you’re going to need understand more about their financing?

Is this your first time selling?

About 2% of homes get sold without an agent. But that’s a little deceptive because most of those are something like selling to a family member or other non-negotiated deal. About 1 in 100 actually are successful true owner marketed deals. Most end up not selling or ultimately going with a professional.

Still, lots of people want to try. Maybe you should try. If it works, great. If not we are here you when you’re ready. Also, we are always happy to take a minute to walk through the numbers and your assumptions to make sure you’ve got it right?

Bottom Line

We love the DIY spirit and wish you the best if you are in it for one of these reasons. If you hit a wall or have a change of heart, then we’re here for you.

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