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Buyer Path


Navigate the current market with a Strategic Guide at your side.

Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Strategist

The average agent makes promises. A real estate strategist crafts a custom plan with proven results. We offer our clients a dramatically different way to find your path forward. 

Path & Post Clients Win With The Following Benefits:

  • Multiple Finance Solutions
  • Expanded Search Plan
  • Priority Tour Services
  • Strategic Negotiations
  • Navigating Contingencies
  • Pathfinders’ Experience

Your Priorities Matter Most

When you work with a Path & Post Strategic Guide, you get a different kind of real estate experience – where your priorities matter. Our team will learn what matters most to you and craft a custom plan to ensure you win in today’s market. Why settle for an amateur experience when it comes to one of the biggest financial decisions of your life? Have confidence when buying or selling with the help from a strategic guide.

Multiple Financial Solutions

A critical first step. We can connect you with trusted lenders.

  • Pre-approval
  • Loan strategies
  • Alternative purchase options

Expanded Search Plan

The average agent can help you find properties on the market. A trusted guide will also search for off-market opportunities. 

  • Early access to coming soon listings 
  • MLS properties 
  • New homes 
  • For Sale By Owner 
  • Off-market opportunities

Priority Tour Services

Find the right home with priority appointments.

  • In-person, every day, evening and weekend
  • Video tour options 
  • Plus: A team of support to cover your agent for sick days or vacation

Strategic Negotiations 

Your professional agent will use a combination of strategy & data to win for you.

  • Contract terms & stipulations to protect your best interests.
  • Unique winning strategies like cash-backed offers or reverse contingency options.
  • Precise data on the current market to help you make informed decisions.
  • Our respected industry reputation gives you an edge against competing offers from the average agent.

Navigating Contingencies  

  • Earnest money
  • Due Diligence
  • Financing
  • Appraisal 
  • Title Search
  • Inspections

Pathfinders’ Experience

After completing your journey, our team offers ongoing services to make homeownership and community enjoyment better.

  • Professional Vendor Guide with trusted providers for maintenance and services.
  • Exclusive Community Group with local events, contests, and prizes!
  • Market Updates to keep you informed of local real estate activity.
  • Equity Tracking to monitor your property value and investment.
  • Concierge treatment to answer any question about your home, community, or market.

Becoming a Pathfinder is a big deal and we consider you a client for life and hope to help you maintain your home and be involved in the community we serve even after helping you Find Your Path.