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    Best Walking Park in Canton, GA


    Tucked away at the end of Brown Industrial Parkway, it’s easy to miss the entrance to one of the best parks in Canton, Georgia. Etowah River Park is an expansive green space, featuring 80-acres alongside the Etowah River, with trails, fields, a playground, and one very unique feature especially for kids… a field of small, man-made grass hills for climbing and playing on.

    The park has an impressive collection of paved walking paths. Near the parking lot is the first path – a wide loop around a big, flat field, complete with several benches and dog walking stations. This is also a great place to pack a picnic and enjoy lunch in the beautiful field.

    If you continue on the path, over a boardwalk and scenic bridge, you’ll end up at another paved loop. This one winds around a long field next to the Etowah River, complete with trees and benches. This is where you’ll find the interesting manmade terrain features.

    For Kids

    Along with the beautiful scenery, there’s plenty of room for children to stretch their legs! The playground at Etowah River Park is great, but for a one-of-a-kind play day, be sure to go see the man-made grass hills you can find by following the boardwalk trail over the bridge! These odd hills were built specifically for kids to climb, jump, roll, and play on. This unique feature helps make this one of the top parks in Canton!

    The park is located at 600 Brown Industrial Parkway in Canton, and includes plenty of free parking and public restrooms.

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