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    Why Register on

    In the past few years, real estate has changed considerably. Most real estate websites now ask visitors to register with a name, phone number and email address.

    At Path & Post Real Estate, we want you to know we won’t spam you or bug you simply because you register on our site. Our goal is to be your guide in the real estate journey and be there for you when you are ready for our help. We never sell your contact information or share it with anyone else. Why? Because we treat others how we like to be treated. It is one of our team’s core values, what we call our RUG Values.

     Zillow & DO SELL your Information!

    If you register to use Zillow or sites, they sell your contact information as a lead to three or more agents who pay for ads. Just imagine asking a question about a house and getting bombarded with calls, texts, and emails from three agents at once.

    While many agents buy these leads from Zillow or, some of them follow up in an annoying way, attempting to contact the lead 15-20 times or more before giving up. For our Zillow and leads, we follow up as needed to help, but not to the point of being a pest. Buyers at some point along the home buying path will connect with a local agent in the process, so we work hard to provide value to you, with our free guides, blogs, and reports.

    Research shows about 35% of Zillow listings are not current – they have sold or are off the market. Zillow’s business is to sell leads to agents, not provide accurate listing information to buyers. They are a marketing and lead generation company, not a real estate brokerage.

    What Makes Different?

    Our website is updated 24/7 directly from the MLS so it is always current. We also offer Saved Searches and Email Alerts with updates on new listings, price changes, and other key information. You can set up your own searches or we are happy to do that for you. Our mobile experience is a great combination of technology and visually appealing images. Using on a mobile device will make driving by listings a breeze when you want instant information and photos on any brokerage’s listings anywhere in metro Atlanta.

    The website experience is an extension of our team’s culture and core values, which is best shared in our team video…

    Please remember that behind our website are real humans who love connecting and helping people buy and sell real estate. Let us know how we can best help you!

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