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Why Do I Need a Buyer Agent?

Updated March 4, 2022

To protect your interests and priorities.
You need a buyer agent who is…

  • A true specialist fiercely advocating for you
  • An experienced strategist to navigate the contract complexities
  • A seasoned pro who understands the local fast-moving real estate market
  • Part of a top-performing team with a strong track record for success

What Do You Get With A Path & Post Strategic Guide?

We are more than simply buyer agents. We are strategic guides, giving you advice and strategies, guiding you every step of the way.

We give you advance opportunities with Coming Soon and Off Market properties that you can’t find online anywhere else.

We have special contract stipulations to protect your best interests, and negotiation tactics to help you WIN at the real estate game.

We have your back every step of the way, as we know the best lenders, home inspectors, repair companies, and closing attorneys.

We do research for you on the history of a home, nearby sales, and anything else we can dig up to give you an advantage and help you make the best decision to fit your priorities and goals.

We make the process more efficient for you, as we coordinate all showings, and make your contract to closing process smooth and hassle-free.

We can show you any home, listed by any real estate company, including homes for sale by the owner or in a new homes neighborhood.

Why Path & Post?

Our team at Path & Post has the best agents and collaborative culture in the business. Just GOOGLE US to read our reviews and see for yourself! We have helped thousands of clients and have hundreds of online reviews raving about the experience working with us.

We are unique in a very important way. We believe real estate is about more than a transaction. It is about a life transition, which is often a big deal in a client’s life. So we focus on life transitions over just financial transactions. And we seek to enrich your life transition, working together with CORE VALUES that influence every single thing we do.

How Do I Sign Up to Have a Buyer Agent who is a Strategic Guide?

GA Law requires a written buyer brokerage agreement for a buyer and agent to have a broker-client relationship. This agreement is required for us to advocate, give advice, and essentially work for your best interests.

Our team at Path & Post believes a broker-client relationship is best for buyers and mutual loyalty creates a better experience and better result.

Why Not Just Look On My Own or Call the Listing Agent to See Homes?

The listing agent works for the seller. Their goal is to help the seller get the price and terms that benefit the seller.

As one of the largest financial and emotional decisions of a lifetime, it makes sense to have your own advocate.

Selling hundreds of homes a year helps us know the best strategies and most current market conditions to help you get the property that you want.

In a new home community, you need buyer agent representation. Read about the dangers of buying a new home without a buyer agent HERE.

How Much Does It Cost To Have a Buyer Agent?

The buyer brokerage commission fee is part of the closing fees included in the purchase of a property. The MLS lists the buyer broker commission % the seller’s broker is agreeing in advance to pay to the buyer’s broker at closing, which is deducted from the seller’s proceeds at closing. Often a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or a new construction home also include an offer to pay the buyer brokerage commission. For cases where there is no offer from the seller or seller’s broker to pay a buyer brokerage fee, our team can often negotiate the buyer broker fee in the sales price as a closing cost to be paid by the seller, so there is no additional out of pocket expense to the buyer at closing.

There is no upfront cost for a buyer to have their own strategic guide agent at Path & Post. We only get paid when our buyers achieve their goals, and close on the home they want to buy!

What If I Am Not Ready Yet to Sign a Buyer Brokerage Agreement?

We understand trust and loyalty is earned over time, so we are happy to demonstrate the value we add by doing the first showing without a buyer signing a buyer brokerage agreement.

Can I Cancel the Buyer Brokerage Agreement?

We are confident in the value we add along the journey, but if a buyer ever changes their mind about working with us, they can end a buyer brokerage agreement and only be obligated to work with us for the homes we have already introduced them to.

Can You Show Me Homes And Then My Friend Or Family Member Can Write the Contract?

Occasionally, a buyer will have one agent show them homes but then ask a friend or family member who is an agent to write the contract in order to get the commission. This can actually put the buyer in a sticky legal situation and is not a good idea. Most family and friends are happy to show homes in order to legitimately earn a commission.

Agents who write contracts and attempt to collect commissions after another agent does the showings and legwork are called ‘parachute’ agents in the industry. Ironically, it can actually hurt the buyer’s ability to negotiate if they use a parachute agent as the seller and listing agent often view the buyer and parachute agent as lacking integrity. The lack of trust impedes negotiations.

In some cases, it is not a good idea to mix personal friend or family relationships with business, as we share in detail why HERE.

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