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What is Your Color Personality?

Personality Based Color Quiz

Your personality drives your home style, paint color choices, and decor. Sherwin Williams has a quick online Color Quiz to help you identify colors that fit your personality. Check it out here:

If you are buying a home, using colors that reflect your unique style will help make your new space feel like home.

How to Avoid Mistakes in Selecting Paint Colors

Painting a piece of poster board or paint sample colors on walls and viewing them throughout the day to see how lighting impacts colors is a safe way to make sure there are no undesirable undertones before painting an entire room.

The small sample squares at the paint store often look very different on a large scale. Your choice of light bulbs, whether soft white, natural light, or daylight, and even whether LED or compact florescent, will change how the color looks too.

Buying a few quart-size samples to review before making a final color selection will help you avoid a mistake. Sometimes gray paint ends up lilac or neutral paint ends up with peach or pink undertones. Neutral colors can be cooler or warmer. Our color palette for neutral shades is a great article to understand how colors range from warm to cool:

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