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    The Story Behind the Coffee

    Some agents give a bottle of wine. Some give restaurant gift cards. Some may just give a handshake and smile of gratitude. The post-closing gift is definitely not a requirement, but often a kind gesture celebrating the end of a dedicated and unified effort of house hunting and/or house selling.  We give coffee as part of our closing gift because all journeys should end with a time of reflection; slowing down to savor the moment and appreciate what was accomplished.


    There are many delectable coffees that we could choose to give but our coffee selection has even more meaning than just being good to the last drop. Three Avocados is a non-profit coffee company founded in 2010 as a creative solution to end the global water crisis, starting with Uganda. 100% of the net proceeds provide clean water. In addition to contributing to a great cause, the coffee is seriously great coffee!

    Three Avocados was established based on inspiration of those less fortunate who give far more than they ever receive, and far more than they even have.  Three Avocados coffee allows us to give back to an organization wholly focused on making a difference, while also giving to our clients a unique and tasty gift with genuine meaning. We partner with this company for closing gifts because it distinctively aligns with our real estate team’s core values.  

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