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Street Sign Haiku

We all read bandit signs, whether we intend to or not. Whether we admit it or not. They are everywhere and unfortunately, most of the time these signs are related to real estate, such as: We Buy Houses or House For Rent.

What if bandit signs were more honest and more poetic?

This is a story about Atlanta artist, John Morse and his Roadside Haiku project.  Notice the wit, sarcasm, perfection, and art in this simple image:


From August 17-21, 2010, John Morse created “Roadside Haiku,” an installation of nearly 500 ‘bandit signs’ throughout the city of Atlanta, each offering one of ten different haiku. Though at a glance they look like typical signs offering weight loss, quick money, debt counseling, etc., upon closer inspection the 17-syllable haiku reveal poetic perspectives on the urban condition, easily consumed during the brief seconds of a traffic stop. The installation was made possible by a generous grant from Flux Projects.

“There’s a great deal of bad in the world and one of the few things that ameliorates the cruelties of the world is art. And a little bit of art can do a great deal of good. And I want to spend my life doing something good.”

Mr. Morse spends his time trying to find ways to engage his community with unique experiences. His bandit sign art gives us reason to pause and enjoy something that is typically viewed as a nuisance. At Path & Post, we support ideas to challenge the status quo and create special moments along the path of life. We think this type of art is good for the community.

What are you doing that is good for the community?

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