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Reasons to Consider Active Adult Community in North Metro Atlanta

Benefits of choosing an active adult community

After decades of striving for financial freedom, it’s natural for people approaching retirement age to think about how to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor in the coming years. If you are near retirement, one way of pampering yourself is to move to an active adult community. This concept of home is revolutionary in the sense that you can sell your current house (or pass it on to your children) and live in an exclusive housing community built for your needs. There are many active adult communities in the U.S. and many in North Metro Atlanta. With plenty of activities to do here, there are many other reasons why you should consider moving here.

Active Adult Community Benefits

Mother Nature’s Open Arms

As many active adults endure social isolation due to the pandemic, they seek natural beauty in their surroundings. Many real estate advisors now say that the pandemic has caused people to do more ‘cocooning’. So outdoor living areas with a tranquil, peaceful environment are what everyone is so desperate for this year. Outdoor fireplaces, big windows, and expanded porches offering long-range views of golf courses are what they want after being quarantined on a zoom call. North Metro Atlanta will offer all these and much more, including being so close to grocery stores.

Great City, Great Suburbs

Atlanta is a beautiful city offering unique adult homes and quirky neighborhoods, plenty of trees, entertainment, and the hustle-and-bustle of city life. However, its suburbs are drawing plenty of newcomers. These areas, often just around the city, have discrete personalities all their own. Whether you are looking for a smaller place to get to know people or a growing metropolis where you can get in on the ground floor, there’s plenty of places to explore.

Mild Climate

Atlanta’s mild climate makes it easier for active adults to enjoy an active lifestyle. The state averages 47 inches of rain per year, allowing for gorgeous fall foliage and bright spring blossoms. It is also no secret that Atlantans have access to an abundance of green spaces in and outside metro Atlanta. They also enjoy numerous amenities, including fine dining, major and minor league sports, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and more.

Well-Kept Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods in North Metro Atlanta are usually very well kept. The areas often offer shared amenities and many social events you can take advantage of. The age restriction also ensures that your area will be more peaceful than a traditional neighborhood. There won’t be kids staying up late or anyone throwing large parties in the middle of the night. These communities also emphasize an active and independent lifestyle. Moving to an active adult community in Metro Atlanta also guarantees you great maintenance and easy living.

Incredible Restaurants

Atlanta has an impressive and diverse dining scene. It offers everything from French fine dining restaurants and high-end sushi places to small taco shops and budget-friendly burger joints. You will also find a wide variety of international chain restaurants that are continuously challenged by creative Atlanta natives opening their own fabulous eateries in all corners of the city. The place is also quite hospitable, which is an additional asset to the overall dining experience. Whenever you feel like going for an outing, this is the place to be. 

No matter where you are on your journey, the real estate experts are Path & Post can guide you towards a new beginning. Contact us today and let us guide you towards your new life transition.

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