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Real Estate Photography Tips

Capturing the essence of a home and the lifestyle it offers with great photography is a critical step in positioning a property in the market. Beautiful photography showcases an inviting home that buyers will want to see.


Today’s buyers search hundreds or even thousands of homes on the internet, with the purpose of narrowing it down to the ones they want to see in person. The goal of online listings should be to maximize making the cut so the home is viewed in person, while doing a good job of conveying what the house is like.

In general, listing photos should include the major interior rooms, outdoor living space and the home’s setting. Close-up photos of architectural details or unique features is a plus.

If a seller has photos from other seasons, I like to get digital copies of those photos to give a more rich visual experience for the buyer.

Imagine being a buyer in January and seeing a virtual tour of all four seasons for a home you are considering. It is much more appealing than simply seeing the typical photos for a home listed in January with dormant brown grass and no leaves on the trees.

A blue sky day is the ideal backdrop for photos so a house is the most attractive. Most homes look more attractive with a photo of the front taken at a slight angle, as opposed to straight in front, as it shows the depth of the home and the setting a little better.

If a home has something unique that will likely attract a specific type of buyer, photography should focus more in that area, such as if there is a pool or a barn or an outdoor fireplace. For example, having horses staged in a pasture to maximize the appeal to buyers seeking a horse farm always draws more attention!

Online viewings of homes are like having a 24/7 open house, so putting the best foot forward with a great first impression is important!

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