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Practical Preparations for Your Next Move

Moving has been identified as one of the biggest stressors one can experience.  We build bonds with our neighbors and community, and a move places us in a temporary transition out of our comfort zone. Staying focused and positive is helpful. Along with a positive mindset, practical preparation is key to ensuring a smooth transition. 

8 Tips To Get You Moving

  1. Make the decision to hire a moving company or self-move.  
  2. If you hire a moving company, use a carrier who been certified & licensed by the Department of Transportation. Be sure your mover provides a Bill of Lading.
    A Bill of Lading is your contract with the mover, stating the mover’s responsibilities, services, charges & liability.   
  3. Book early with your moving company or truck rental if you choose to self-move. 
  4. Declutter-Declutter-Declutter: The single, most essential task one can perform prior to packing any moving box is to get rid of all items you no longer need.
  5. Schedule utility service for the new home and request service stops on the move-out date of your current home.  
  6. Remember to change your mailing address at least 2 weeks prior to moving. 
  7. Pack essentials separately! Important papers, documents, medicine, valuable articles, should be transported separately.  You will have a peaceful mind knowing they are safe in your care.  
  8. Lastly, remember Rome was not conquered in one day.  It may take a couple of weeks, a month, or longer to unpack boxes and make your new home “your own”.  Accept the friendly gestures of help with unpacking, babysitting, or food, then pay-it-forward one day when a new neighbor moves in! 

In our local community, Page Relocation provides local moving services in addition to out-of-state and international service. Justin Page, the owner of Page Relocation, started many years ago in the relocation industry prior to starting his own business, Page Relocation. Page Relocation offers cutting-edge technology to provide estimates for your residential or commercial move. By simply downloading an app to your smartphone, you are able to video each room for a virtual survey and submit for an estimate. Page Relocation provides professionally trained vetted employees, different move options, and programs. Moving made simple!

“Page Relocation’s mission is to provide high quality, efficient, and caring solutions for the transport of your possessions from start to delivery with the reverence it deserves.”

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