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    Who is a Pathfinder?

    Path & Post’s Best Clients. Community Advocates. Local Influencers.

    Join Our Pathfinders Facebook Group

    Pathfinders is a private group of Path & Post’s top clients. They are regularly sharing their experiences with others. They are natural advocates of Path & Post and the local communities in which they live. They are happy with their path in life. They are, simply put, Pathfinders.

    Our mission with the Pathfinders program is simple: drive an engaged, positive, and supportive community of Path & Post clients. Through this program we are able to work more closely with our top clients in a way that encourages communication and support in the marketplace. We also hope to showcase how Pathfinders enjoy the local communities.

    Pathfinder Program Perks

    • Free Homebot Account to track your Home’s Wealth
    • Free Tickets to all Client Appreciation Events
    • Unique Branded Merchandise
    • First Look at New Service Offerings
    • Special Pathfinder Only Contests & Prizes
    • Connection to Each Other for Community Building

    Like the rewards you’re seeing?

    Here’s what it takes to be a Pathfinder:

    • Join the Private Facebook Group
    • Attend the Free Client Appreciation Events
    • Act as an Ambassador for Path & Post in your Communities

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