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Path & Post Real Estate Success Story: A Tale of Tenacity and Triumph

Jack and Diane had been renting for years. Jack worked in finance, while Diane chased her entrepreneurial dreams. They diligently invested in retirement but hadn’t saved a lot of cash for a home down payment.

They were determined to transition from renting to owning. Jack & Diane sought help from Path & Post Real Estate and met Agent Hart. They shared their dreams of owning a home and providing stability for their teenage kids. With little money for a down payment, they explored creative solutions with Path & Post.

Agent Hart searched for homes with an Assumable Loan option. While market mortgage rates were high at 7.5%, Agent Hart found a home with an Assumable Loan at a lower rate of 2.875%. Jack and Diane decided to use some of their 401(k) savings. They will use it to cover the Seller’s equity. This will bring their dream within reach. Just as they were ready to proceed, Jack faced a corporate layoff.

Agent Hart pressed on. He guided them through loan applications, job changes, and delays. Despite the hurdles, Jack and Diane remained steadfast. Through amendments, extensions, and strategic maneuvers, Agent Hart kept their dream alive. With perseverance and creativity, they managed to purchase a $600,000 home with a payment less than rent.

Finally, after five months of overcoming unforeseen obstacles, the moment arrived. With keys in hand, Jack, Diane, and their boys stepped into their new home, hearts full of joy. In the evening light, Jack and Diane shared a bottle of wine. They toasted to new starts and the unfailing help of Agent Hart. Grateful and grounded, they embarked on the next chapter of their lives, forever thankful for the guidance that led them home.

Cheers to Jack and Diane!

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