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North Atlanta Suburbs Gain Population from City of Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the few cities in the United States with a net population gain in 2020. Even as people moved to the city from elsewhere, some residents sought to migrate to the suburbs.

According to LifeStorageBlog, Metro Atlanta has more than 5.8 residents, with this number set to increase by 2.5 million by 2040. However, for some reason, an increasing number of these people are expected to move to the suburbs.

In September 2020, data from Zillow indicated that homes in the Northern Atlanta suburbs sold faster than those in urban areas. While it is not clear why buyers tended to snap up houses in the suburbs more quickly, the pandemic could have something to do with it.

For some reason, the mass exodus seemed to affect Fulton County more than any other Metro Atlanta location. Here are some of the reasons for people moving out of midtown Atlanta to the suburbs:

1. Confinement Indoors

Fulton County is known for near parked residences, which are complemented by some of the best amenities. People who live here (and other midtown locations) enjoy street parties, festivals, and accessible public transport. Before the pandemic, they would venture out to famous museums, botanical gardens, and other public places.

When the pandemic came, residents were mostly confined indoors, having no access to their favorite outdoor places. Since their houses have no gardens, they had to remain indoors throughout the day. That left them without a way to relax after working the whole day remotely. The suburbs seemed like the best place they could maintain social distance while enjoying the outdoors.

2. Low Mortgage Rates

Market estimates indicate that home prices in the suburbs are six percent higher than those in midtown Atlanta. However, people are still opting to buy more expensive homes in the suburbs. One of the reasons for that is the prevailing affordable mortgage rates. According to these individuals, purchasing a house today is much better than renting in the long-run.

3. Investing in the Future

Many of the individuals buying homes in the Atlanta suburbs are young 30-something people. Again, they are taking advantage of the low mortgage rates to own a home rather than rent one. Many of the first-time buyers are buying bigger detached homes in preparation for the time when their families would be bigger.

4. Seeking More Square Footage

In Atlanta (just like any other city), midtown houses tend to be smaller, lacking space for an office and kids’ bedrooms. The pandemic has caused a reawakening among some city dwellers, making them realize the need for bigger homes. Many have poured into the suburbs in the quest for sizeable homes. With a home office, they have somewhere to work from home or make Zoom calls.

5. Street Racing

Seriously, we can’t believe it either but it’s the truth. Downtown Atlanta has always been home to some of the most spectacular street racing contests. When COVID-19 came, the streets were left empty, giving street racers the space they had always wanted. The noise and hullaballoo that comes with racing on the streets soon became a nuisance to midtown Atlanta residents.

Street racing has made the nights in Atlanta so loud that residents keep calling 911 to get help from the cops. From February 2020 (when a lockdown was announced) to September, there had been more than 459 arrests related to street racing. For that reason, many midtown Atlanta residents have moved out for a quieter life in the suburbs.

Why Should You Move to the Atlanta Suburbs?

Are you looking for a home in the Atlanta suburbs? You can talk to us at Path Post for a comprehensive guide to attractive Atlanta neighborhoods. If 2020 is anything to go by, more people will likely move from midtown Atlanta into the suburbs. Will you be one of them? Contact us today!

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