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Nine Tips to Cozy Up Your Home This Fall

Autumn is a beautiful and cozy time of year. As the wind turns chilly (or chillier, as it happens down here in the South) and the leaves turn red and orange, homeowners take the time to cozy up their homes. Steaming mugs of cocoa and cider replace the chilled beverages of summer. Couches are strewn with soft, cozy places to sit for conversation with friends and family. We love autumn, and it’s a perfect time to redecorate and embrace the comfortable indoor months ahead.

What are some great ways to cozy up your home for autumn? Here are some of our team’s favorites: 

Seating Strewn with Warm Blankets and Throw Pillows

One of the best ways to embrace the season change is festive autumn-colored throw blankets and pillows. Quilts, afghans, and microfiber throws alike are all cozy and welcoming for family and guests when they take a seat in your home. Throw pillows make large seating more nest-like and blankets make it easy to curl up against the seasonal chill. Have a window seat? Hang curtains along the glass and fill the seat with a few extra throw pillows for children and pets to nap.

Warm the Room with Lamps

Lamps make a room more cozy and welcoming when the curtains are drawn. They bring back memories of shared fireside and candlelight in our shared ancestral past. Hanging lamps with warm-white bulbs and amber shades will make your spaces feel softer and warmer to the eye, and provide diffuse interior lighting.

Hang Your Winter Curtains

Curtains are a wonderful and practical autumn tradition. Festive curtains in fall colors celebrate the seasonal change and help ward off any chill from your windows. Seasonal curtains tend to be heavier and longer to block cold that transitions through the glass or any loose window panes. You can also hang your heavy inner-curtains and change your outermost curtains (on multi-rods) based on your season and celebration.

Mix Warm Colors with Bold Patterns

Welcome fall with warm colors and bold geometric patterns. Combine with the natural color palette of the traditional cornucopia and harvest themes of the season for a warm and inviting decoration style. In fabrics like your curtains and throws, favor oranges, warm browns, and bold yellows mixed with soft linen and beige. Splashes of gold can be fun, especially combined with leaves and vegetables from your harvest palette.

Clear The Hearth for Cozy Fires

If your home has a hearth or warming stove, make it accessible for warm evenings by the fire. Clear the hearth and mantle and redecorate with fire in mind. Make a place to store wood indoors and set up your fire tools nearby. Then think ahead and make plans to have marshmallows, roasting forks, and spiced pine cones on-hand when they will inevitably be asked for on cheery nights together.

Bring Nature Indoors for the Winter

Bring in a few plants from the crisp fall air and make them part of your indoor decorations. Decorate with dried, fragrant plants that make your home smell like autumn and add a rich texture to your centerpieces. Have a brown thumb? Opt for a colorful array of pumpkins and fall gourds to add some color to your centerpieces.

Create a Conversation Circle with Couches and Chairs

In the summer, it’s often practical to push your seating out to the wall and make room for family activities. From karate forms to pillow forts, floor space can be key. During the winter, the family conversation becomes more common. Redecorate your living room by circling up your chairs and couches into a conversation ring. Make it easy for family, friends, and visiting relatives to cozy into blankets with steaming cocoa and catch up on the deeper conversation.

Cover the Floor with Textured Rugs

Rugs are a great way to both literally and visually make your home warmer. Rugs on hard floors keep the floors warm under your feet and reduce cold transfer from beneath the house. Rugs on carpet deepen the plush and add a splash of color and style to your floor design.

Brass and Copper Mixed Metal Decor

Looking for new decoration pieces? Try brass, copper, and bronze. These warm alloys are beautiful together following the mixed-metal trend and fit perfectly in the warm palette of autumn decoration. Statues, clocks, and centerpieces featuring these metals will make your fall colors pop and add that unique multi-finish shine to your design.

The Path and Post team knows that a home is so much more than a place to hold your belongings. If you’re considering buying or selling a home this fall, our team of real estate experts can help you find the perfect place to fit your needs.

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