Helps Off Market Sellers Get Quick Sale

    The Challenge

    The No. 1 challenge in today’s real estate market finally has a solution, with the launch of With today’s low supply of homes for sale on the market, ListingsMatch gives buyers and sellers new options. Sellers are able to match their unlisted home to a growing list of hundreds of waiting buyers. Sellers skip the hassle of listing their home for sale, avoiding months of showings and carrying costs with their mortgage, taxes, HOA fees, and utilities.

    The Solution

    If a match is made, sellers save money versus a traditional listing. ListingsMatch is free for sellers to submit their home, with no obligation to accept any subsequent offers.

    The Benefits

    Sellers benefit by only paying a 3% broker fee at closing to the brokerage representing the buyer if a match is made. Sellers appreciate having a quick sale at market value, typically with only one or two showings. Buyers appreciate knowing about homes prior to them being listed in the MLS.

    The unique program is the latest innovation from Path & Post Real Estate in Cherokee County, GA, owned by Becky Babcock and Brad Nix. “As an independent brokerage, we are able to be more nimble and responsive to market conditions, which gives our company, and ultimately our clients, an advantage,” said CEO Becky Babcock.

    “Real estate markets are constantly evolving. Our goal is to create solutions that help buyers and sellers navigate uncharted territory. We are in a fast paced market where supply doesn’t fulfill demand for homes” stated COO Brad Nix. has a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, which covers many of the typical questions buyers and sellers may have. Submitting information to find a match is easy, by completing the online form under the buy or sell sections of the website.

    ListingsMatch is targeting sellers who have not listed their homes for sale to participate in the service. Buyers working with Path & Post Real Estate who have reviewed all homes for sale currently in the MLS are grateful for the opportunity to consider off market homes by sellers who register on For more information, visit or call 404-334-2422.

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