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Leticia Hutchins, Trailblazer

Path & Post showcases Trailblazers to highlight someone’s good work or good heart that may go unnoticed in our community. Our goal is to connect communities to live better together. Please share this post to help us celebrate the Trailblazer of the Month!


Leticia is the owner & founder of Alma Coffee, a local Veteran-owned, 5th generation of coffee farmers & 1st generation roasters, offering Direct Trade of USDA organic coffee.  Farming & Roasting with Soul…
Alma Coffee

What is your cause or company working to do?
As 5th generation coffee farmers and 1st generation coffee roasters, our company is founded on 3 key pillars; improving lives, sustainability in everything we do, and extraordinary coffee. There are thousands of miles between coffee consumers and coffee farmers, we aim to bridge that gap and bring transparency to this industry. Over a cup of coffee, you gain a new friend at coffee origin.
How does your company/organization do it differently?
Unlike the majority of coffee roasters, we source DIRECTLY from our own farms in Honduras. In an industry with usually more than 7 middlemen between farmers and consumers, we control the ENTIRE process from seed to cup. This along with always roasting to order allows us to guarantee a difference in quality and freshness that you can taste.
Why does your company/organization exist?
Our mission is change the coffee industry to direct trade. Forming DIRECT relationships between consumers and coffee farmers & roasters and coffee farmers. The coffee industry is dying, coffee farmers are burning their farms and switching to other produce to farm and a big part of that is the fragmented supply chain. Can you imagine a world without your favorite coffee? It starts with YOU, do you know who is roasting your coffee? Do you know who is farming your coffee? Ask yourself these questions and challenge the industry to be better. We want to revolutionize the coffee industry but we can’t do it without your help!
What is your favorite local restaurant?
 Rootstock and Vine
What is your favorite way to unwind?
Enjoying a glass of wine outside on a nice evening
What is your favorite thing from the local community?
Their support! I have never seen a community come together and lift each other up as much as I have seen here in Cherokee County.
What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you?
My dream in middle school was to move to Australia and become a marine biologist.
What 3 words come to mind when you think of the word HOME?
Family, Sanctuary, Love
Why did you choose that word?
For me, life is all about the path you choose to take. I’ve had to choose many different paths in life and all of that has brought me to be exactly where I am today. I like to envision what my future path will look like, but it’s impossible to know. I look forward to seeing the rest of my path unwind as I continue following my passions!

If you see a Trailblazer in the community, please stop them and thank them for all they do for others.
Our community is better because of Trailblazers like Leticia Hutchins!

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