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Josh Bagby, Trailblazer

Path & Post showcases Trailblazers to highlight someone’s good work or good heart that may go unnoticed in our community. Our goal is to connect communities to live better together. Please share this post to help us celebrate the Trailblazer of the Month!


Josh is the founder of Cherokee Connect, a wildly popular Facebook Group and business directory, and also owner of The Bagby Agency, Inc.
Cherokee Connect

What is your cause or company working to do?
Having grown up in Cherokee county, the Lord blessed me with an outstanding support network of Teachers, Coaches, friends, parents, friends’ parents, & other mentors. The absolute best “village” someone could ask for. When I left for college in Athens, I realized just how much I relied on and cherished those people in my life. Not everyone grew up here or is from here. The Cherokee Connect Facebook group is my attempt to leverage that network, grow it, and make it available to everyone in the community. The county is full of so many wonderful people, businesses, and charities, many of which may not know about the other, so I saw the group as an opportunity to connect all three.
How does your company/organization do it differently?
I think anyone would share the blessing if they knew how. I just so happen to be an older millennial that kind of “grew up” on and with Facebook and other social media platforms, which made it as easy as it was ever going to be to connect people at scale.
Why does your company/organization exist?
The purpose of the FB group is to connect all the people I mentioned before, but the goal is to do it in a positive manner. We have enough negativity in our lives through other channels, and the other moderators and I try to keep the conversation in the group as light, positive, and on subject as we can. It gets off track from time to time, but the group as whole does a great job a reporting incidents and maintaining the overall etiquette we’re striving for.

The people in the group are the real MVPs. Their willingness to give information, time, and even money to each other and the rest of the community has really blown me away. So many selfless people out there that are fully bought into our Cherokee county community and want to see it continue to thrive.

What is your favorite local restaurant?
Tie between Riverstone Corner Bistro & Old Country Place
What is your favorite way to unwind?
What is your favorite thing from the local community?
My favorite thing IS the community.
What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you?
Even as a former Georgia Bulldog, I grew up a Tennessee fan. Originally from Chattanooga, moved here at age 9, I fell in love with football, Peyton Manning, and the Tennessee Vols.
What 3 words come to mind when you think of the word HOME?
Garage Door Opener. When I hit that button, it means I’m home.
Why did you choose that word?
I’ll get a little hippie on you, but life’s a journey, man haha. I like to hike a little, and a path sounds a lot more fun than a post. Post sounds like you’re stuck and that you’ve reached the end. I’m continually striving to make things better, be a better person, grow as a Christian, husband, father, businessman, and human. I hope to always continue down a path and never be content with letting the concrete set on where my family and I are at in life.

If you see a Trailblazer in the community, please stop them and thank them for all they do for others.
Our community is better because of Trailblazers like Josh Bagby!

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