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Jacob Cloud, Trailblazer

Path & Post showcases Trailblazers to highlight someone’s good work or good heart that may go unnoticed in our community. Our goal is to connect communities to live better together. Please share this post to help us celebrate the Trailblazer of the Month!


Jacob & his wife, Kayla

Jacob Cloud has followed his passion in ministry at No Longer Bound. No Longer Bound is one of the nation’s leading recovery programs for men battling drug and alcohol addictions. Their regeneration program reaches beyond the symptom of addiction and ministers to the whole man – mind, body & spirit. They also offer family recovery classes and vocational training. Founded in 1991, their successful program graduates approximately 70% of their residents as regenerated men.


What is your cause or company working to do?
Rescue Addicts, Regenerate Men and Reconcile Families.
Why does your company/organization exist?
No Longer Bound exists for any loved one that is struggling with addiction. We all have a common goal and are pulling in the same direction to achieve this.
How does your company/organization do it differently?
At No longer Bound the treatment is a longer process than your typical 30 day treatment center. We also provide them with vocational skills that we believe will result in long term recovery.
Who is your role model or person you admire the most?
My parents
What is your favorite local restaurant?
Goin’ Coastal
What is your favorite way to unwind?
Playing Golf
What is your favorite thing from the local community?
Downtown Ball Ground is where I call home. I love the small-town feel and being close to the amenities Canton provides.
What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you?
I can hold my breath underwater for a minute and a half.
What 3 words come to mind when you think of the word HOME?
Comfort, Family, Peace
Why did you choose that word?
Everyone’s path begins and ends in different locations. I think it’s important to impact as many lives as you can on your “path”.

If you see a Trailblazer in the community, please stop them and thank them for all they do for others.
Our community is better because of Trailblazers like Jacob Cloud!

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