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How To Choose a Buyer’s Agent

Updated May 22, 2019

Everyone knows a Realtor. The world is full of people with a real estate license. Be especially cautious working with family or friends simply due to obligation, especially if you wouldn’t choose them otherwise. For a checklist of pitfalls to avoid, check out this article: Should I Use my Family or Friend as My Realtor?

The ideal Realtor to represent your best interests is more than just a real estate agent, they are a trusted advisor, offering strategic advice and risk avoidance every step along the way. Realtors who work as part of a collaborative team offer additional strengths from the collective knowledge, wisdom and experience that a solo agent cannot bring to the table.

See through the sales pitch. There are a few steps you can take to properly assess past performance and potential success for you. First, we suggest you GOOGLE THEM to learn more about an agent or team’s track record, experience, and level of customer service. Then review these 5 tips for choosing a Buyer Specialist.

5 Tips For Hiring A Real Estate Agent To Buy A Home

1. Check Past Client Reviews
Were their past clients happy with the service they received? There is a difference between doing a good job and doing such a good job that clients feel compelled to share their experience with others. You want the agent who creates raving fans of their experience. We’ve all enjoyed a good meal at a local restaurant, but we don’t feel compelled to review it until it was terrible or amazing. A quick glance at Zillow Reviews should give you an idea of the level of service and strategic advice the agent provides.

2. Do they have a track record of success?
You want an agent with experience so they can help you navigate the obstacles on the path to your goals. However, the number of years in the business is not how you should judge experience. You want an agent who has been involved in a lot of transactions in the current and recent years. The typical agent sells 3-4 homes in metro Atlanta per year. Path & Post team members sell on average 20+ homes a year per agent. The real estate market is constantly changing based on external factors such as the economy, mortgage rates, job market, industry dynamics, etc… Choose an agent who can share a proven strategy to help you avoid risk and optimize reaching your goals. Check out their track record and how many buyers they helped in your local market in the past 12 months. National Rankings can also give insight into a Team’s Track Record:

3. Are they using modern technology?
Speaking of many different devices, does the agent’s website work well on a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone? You’re looking for a fluid responsive experience across all platforms. Just as important, is the information on their website up to date? You should be able to see all the local listings updated within an hour of hitting the market. Agent’s who don’t invest in a proper digital consumer experience are not in touch with how real estate is searched and sold in today’s market. Use their website so you know first-hand how well their technology and systems work.

4. Do they have proper support?
Some agents boast about how much work they do as a solo practitioner, but pause and think deeper. Do you really want an agent to represent you who is also trying to be all things to all people at all times? Working with Sellers requires a different set of skills, plus a lot of time on the phone and negotiating. When will they focus on you and your goals? Assistants can help manage marketing, calls, and paperwork, but you’ll want to be sure you get a true expert advisor when it comes time to negotiate. What happens if your agent goes on vacation, gets sick, or becomes inaccessible for some reason? Teams are often a good solution as they have more people to help service your needs, but not all teams are created equal. Treat them as you would any other agent and make sure you understand how their team model works.

5. What do you expect of me?
A good real estate agent will have expectations of their clients. Whether it’s preparing your financial qualifications, how to search for homes, or how communication will flow, you want an agent who is confident in their values and asks things of you in addition to performing their tasks with expertise.

Our Path & Post Team is happy to answer any of these questions and encourage you to compare us to others. If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with us, here is a video with real customer testimonials.

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