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How Much Did We Save Buyers Last Month?

June 2024 buyer client savings

You won’t believe how much money we saved our Buyer clients last month.

We’ve learned that four key factors always play a role in real estate. 

They are timing, money, certainty, and convenience.

Each of these factors is prioritized differently from buyers and sellers depending on what matters most for their current situation.

Sometimes timing a move is more important than anything else. 

Sometimes making the move hassle-free and convenient matters most.

Other times, having confidence and certainty knowing that the transaction will happen is essential to moving forward.

But often it comes down to money!

Money is made or lost during both rounds of negotiations when buying real estate. Yes, there are almost always two rounds of negotiations. Make sure you have a Strategic Guide to help you win both!

This year, we’ve been documenting the amount of money we save our Buyer Clients with our strategic negotiations.

Last month, we saved our buyer clients a combined $47,223 by negotiating for the seller to pay closing costs and other concessions for our buyer’s benefit. 

For this year to date, we have documented a total of $314,823 fewer dollars our buyers had to pay out of pocket to buy their home. All because we have the experience, strategies, and negotiation skills to win both rounds of negotiations for our clients!

Who you work with matters! Unless of course, you don’t care about saving money! 😉 

Don’t trust any average agent with the biggest investment of your life, find a Strategic Guide with Path & Post to help you win in the current market!

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