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How Do You Find Off-Market Homes?

How to find off market real estate properties

Why finding is more important than searching

Searching for a home can range anywhere from fun to exhausting, depending on the current market conditions. Ultimately, what you’re really after is finding the right home.

An average agent can help you find properties listed on the market. A Strategic Guide will also search for off-market opportunities. Working exclusively with a Strategic Guide aligns incentives and protections for you to get the best help in finding your next home.

Key Takeaways 

  • Off-market opportunities include listings that are Coming Soon, but have yet to hit the open market 
  • Off-market opportunities can also include For Sale By Owner, Word Of Mouth, or Private Facebook Groups
  • Sellers benefit to keep their property off-market to test the waters, maintain privacy, or create exclusivity 
  • Buyers benefit by getting early access to Off-Market Opportunities before they are listed on multiple listing services (MLS)

What Are Off-Market Opportunities? 

Off-market opportunities in real estate refer to properties that are not officially listed on the market, but may be available for sale now or soon. These properties can be found through a variety of channels, such as coming soon status, word-of-mouth, real estate agent networks, private social media groups, and for sale by owner directories.

These properties can often be a great way for buyers to find unique properties due to the lack of competition and marketing. Off-market opportunities can also be a great way for sellers to quickly and discreetly sell their property. 

Did you know Sellers can list as ‘Coming Soon’?

Some sellers need additional time to complete staging preparations, or focus on pre-marketing objectives to create demand as soon as the listing goes active. Placing the property in a Coming Soon status allows professional agents to learn about the upcoming listing and share it with their exclusive clients. Exclusive access to properties ahead of time empowers buyers to be the first to see or offer on a home that may get a lot of attention on the open market.

Work With A Trusted Guide To Gain Off-Market Access

Of course there are some rules of engagement for certain off-market listings. Be sure to work with a Strategic Guide to make sure you are protected while gaining access to unique opportunities.

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