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Hey Joe, I’m Sprouting Off

Dear Trader Joe,

It’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t wait forever. So I’ve decided to sprout on over to more of a sure thing. You will always have a special place in my heart, but my family and my community deserve progress sooner than later.

Sprouts also has a passion for healthy living for less. I can find mountains of colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables, barrels of wholesome grains, nuts and sweets, and full-service deli, meat and seafood counters—complete with handmade burgers and sausages. Sprouts understands how to create value too!

They also understand the paradox of choice. Sprouts has paired down the big box shopping experience to include a well curated selection of fresh baked goods, ready-to-eat meals, gourmet cheeses, sensibly-priced vitamins and supplements, and thousands of natural, organic and gluten-free groceries. Less can be more!

Sprouts also offers the benefit of a modest store size that allows me to do a week’s worth of shopping in 30 minutes or less. They’ve paired down from the 50,000+ items big box grocery carries to approx. 16,000 items. (which is 4x the choice of Trader Joe’s). Plus, they made a video sharing their passion for groceries!

Woodstock already has the perfect place for Sprouts to locate – the old Publix at Towne Lake. After years of public outcry for Publix to allow for a grocery store to enter their former space, it seems there may be some momentum to making this happen. What’s best about this is that it doesn’t require new development to happen at all. No additional parking lots to be paved!

If rumors come true, we could see Sprouts open in Woodstock by mid to late 2017. We all welcome new grocery options in Cherokee County!

Here is what Sprouts shoppers have to say about their experience…

“I just visited Sprouts for the first time ever. Little did I know how much I was going to love this unique store. I fell in love with it, and from now on, it will be my No. 1 store. Thank you Sprouts for having everything I need in one place!” – Dallas, TX Shopper

“The fact that I can see the whole store is not only comforting, but also a nice change of pace from ‘consumer nation.'” – Phoenix, AZ Shopper

In closing, Joe, I really thought you were the one. It turns out that maybe I was wrong. I don’t blame you at all, you have your reasons for ignoring me and Woodstock. I’m just happy Sprouts came along at just the right time!

Sincerest regards,
Local Mom


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