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    Down Payment Gift Guide


    Be it holiday season or not, many buyer’s need a gift to get into their first home.

    Can I receive money from a family member for a down payment on my home?

    Yes, as long as it’s a gift.

    Until recently, some loan programs required at least 5% of the down payment come from the buyer’s own funds before they could accept gifted funds. Fortunately this rule has been relaxed so buyers now can use gift funds exclusively for the down payment.

    Quick Rules of Thumb for Gift Down Payment

    – Must be transferred without expectation of repayment. No personal loans allowed.
    – Must be made by a relative or domestic partner
    – Must provide documents to verify gift legitimacy
    – Must be received from an account owned by the gift donor

    How does the IRS view these gifts?

    The IRS allows relatives to gift funds to a family member up to a specified annual limit. Currently, that limit is set at $14,000 per recipient. Example; if a parent wants to gift a son and daughter-in-law money for a down payment, that parent would be able to gift both the son and the daughter in law $14,000 tax free for a total of $28,000. It is important that you check with your tax professional to confirm how the donation of a gift might affect you.

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