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Find Your Path Home With Priority Tour Services

”There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” – Roger Staubach

What’s the difference between an average agent and a Path & Post Strategic Guide? Any average agent can open a door and walk through a home with you. A Path & Post Strategic Guide can provide significantly more. Our Priority Tour Service is a cornerstone of our services guaranteed to our clients and is a key benefit of allowing a Path & Post Strategic Guide to partner with you to Find Your Path home.

Priority Appointments that work with your schedule

Your Path & Post guide will be ready to find the right home for you with Priority Appointments at the time that works best for you – every day, evenings and weekends included. Our team works hard to get all the homes you are interested in confirmed quickly and mapped in the most efficient path for optimal showing tours. 

Can’t Make A Tour In Person? Video Tours!

Your Strategic Guide is happy to provide Video Tours for you to help you see the truth of a property when you can’t make it in person. Listings agents show the highlights of a property, we discover the real details.

Live Out Of Area?
Video Tours allow you to see inside homes when you are miles away. Your Strategic Guide can focus on key rooms and features that pique your interest.

Have A Schedule Conflict?
Video Tours help you to see a property when your work or life schedule doesn’t allow you make it in person.

Video Tours empower you to never miss an opportunity to see the homes you want when you want.

Teamwork Means You Are Always Supported, No Matter What 

Sickness & Travel are major challenges when relying on one single service provider. One of the biggest benefits of working with Path & Post Real Estate is our organization’s Vacation Policy. The average agent goes on vacation and leaves you hanging, but your Strategic Guide has a full team of support staff and Trusted Guides to seamlessly cover for the time your individual guide may be away or unavailable. 

Take advantage of the extra level of guidance Path & Post can provide with Priority Tour Service!

When it comes to buying or selling real estate in North Atlanta, you deserve better than an average agent. Seek a Strategic Guide from Path & Post!

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