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Every Good Agent Needs a Guide

Path & Post is unique in our approach to buying and selling homes because we value transitions over transactions. From the start, our real estate specialists are guided to focus on service over sales, allowing for a client-centric model that is specialized, collaborative, and gets to the heart of the clients’ goals. 

Agent Coaching = Proven Results

One of the significant differences between Path & Post and other real estate brokerages is our commitment to the continued learning and improvement of our team. Our agents have access to direct support via weekly and monthly team gatherings for collaborative sharing and learning, a private help channel with direct access to local broker-owners, and the added benefit of working with our Agent Success Coach, Kim Carr.

Kim (Coach Carr) acts as a partner and a peer to our team members, combining her over twenty years of experience in real estate to:

  • Onboard new agents
  • Contribute to the Path & Post Core RUG Values
  • Help agents develop a long-term strategy for growth
  • Improve success for agents and their clients
  • Improve the conversion process for clients whether they are ready now or ready later

Kim’s expertise helps facilitate a smooth transition for each purchase or sale by providing information about what to expect at every step, whether it’s a first-time buyer or a homeowner headed down a new path. She and our other dedicated Service Team members offer our agents the benefit of an entire team devoted to their success, which trickles down to the success of our buyers and sellers as they move forward in their life transitions.

Join our Team

Learn more about our unique approach and benefits by visiting our Careers Page.

Our commitment to ensuring our agents have everything they need to succeed is evident in our growth over the last couple of years. And our commitment to providing our clients with the ultimate experience when they purchase or sell a home is evident in our online reviews. As we move forward, we are looking for agents who want to join us on the path of a different kind of real estate experience. Interested? Reach out to chat with our leadership team today!

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