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Divorce Selling

Tales From The Trail

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

We believe where people live and make memories is really important. Elba and Apolonio came to Path & Post for guidance in selling their home because of a divorce. They needed the advice of a professional to help them navigate the market during a difficult life transition.

We Always Start By Understanding Your Story

We began with a conversation about why the clients were moving. We listened, asked questions & learned what mattered most. We then created a plan to combine the clients’ priorities and our strategies to optimize results in the current market. Follow the story to see how a strategic guide protected our clients along the path from initial conversation to negotiation to closing.

Net Money After Sale Was The Top Priority

Splitting proceeds from the sale as part of the divorce decree placed a major emphasis on netting the most amount of money as possible in the current market conditions. Timing was the next priority due to a recent shift in the market away from being a strong seller’s market. Certainty of closing was the third ranked priority as the sellers really needed the buyer to be able to close without contingencies. Convenience followed as the fourth ranked priority for these sellers because they were flexible with their showing schedule and didn’t mind making some improvements to the home.

When money matters most, list price and market position take center stage! Our Strategic Guide researched for comparable sales and active listings to understand the potential value of the home through the eyes of a buyer. We then compared the condition of the seller’s home to determine the optimal price point to not only generate views online, but to get traffic through the door with showings and offers on the table to consider. The sellers chose to list at $389,900.

You need a trusted guide

with proven strategies to win in today’s market.

Navigating Appraisal Challenges With Strategic Guidance

Our marketing plan generated exceptional activity and multiple offers. Selecting which offer to work with included analyzing the buyer’s credentials, contract terms, and potential costs to the seller. Like most buyers, the offer was contingent upon financing and an appraisal by the lender. 

The property went under contract for the full list price of $389,900. The sellers were happy knowing they were getting what they wanted for the home. Then the buyer’s appraisal came in low at $375,000, a full $14,900 under the contract price. Our sellers were very concerned about this difference, as they knew the seller often has to agree to lower their sales price to the lender’s appraised value in order to move forward with the transaction. Our Strategic Guide was not going to give up that easily. We knew we listed at market value and we had a better plan!

Our Strategic Guide analyzed the appraisal with a fine-toothed comb and found errors in the appraiser’s calculations, including a distressed comp that was irrelevant to our subject property. After our Strategic Guide suggested a replacement comp in a written rebuttal along with other findings, the lender and appraiser agreed to update the value to a value of $389,000.

The Clients Win & Move Forward To A Better Place

Our sellers were defeated after receiving the initial appraisal, to the point they were willing to concede the price difference and accept less money. Upon learning of our efforts, our clients were ecstatic and grateful for the professional diligence and efforts to achieve their top priority of netting the most money possible. An average agent may have taken the easier route and amended the agreement to a lower price in order to get to closing more quickly, but we always put our client’s priorities first. Elba and Apolonio are on a new path in life, able to focus forward on new beginnings.

It takes a true professional to win in the current real estate market and our team provided a proven combination of strategy and data to win for our client!