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Copper Coin Coffee serves up inspiration

Just off Interstate 575 in downtown Woodstock, Copper Coin Coffee serves up handcrafted drinks in a welcoming space. Local art adorns the walls, as business people, artists, musicians, students, shoppers and others enjoy the laid back atmosphere. Whether you’d like a warm coffee, an aromatic tea, or a cold drink, Copper Coin has a variety of refreshments to choose from. Along with drinks, the shop also offers a range of snacks like bagels, cake slices, oatmeal and some organic options.

A story in every cup

Since opening up in 2011, Copper Coin Coffee has grown significantly, said Mike Gullicksen, general manager of the coffee shop. “Our demographics are from people in high school, all the way up to retired people,” he said, explaining how Copper Coin attracts people from all walks of life. Whether it’s people meeting up to talk business, old friends catching up, students reading or busy shoppers coming to take a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown Woodstock, the coffee shop attracts all types. “I enjoy the people. I just like having a place that people enjoy coming to,” Gullicksen said. “I consider our product very unique.” The general manager said customers get much more than coffee at Copper Coin. “Stories start here,” he said. “We serve inspiration one cup at a time.”
Gullicksen said at Copper Coin, employees want to be on a personal level with customers– “not just knowing what they order, but who they are.”

Creative surroundings

People wanting to sip their drink while enjoying the weather can take advantage of Copper Coin’s outdoor tables.
And for those who venture inside the shop, they will find a series of welcoming seating options.

“It‘s a community space,” Gullicksen said. “Woodstock has a sense of community, and the coffee just brings people together.”

A long bar with stools offers coffee drinkers a window view of downtown Woodstock, while tables and booths give customers the option to be a bit more secluded. In the back of the shop, a cozy lounge awaits– complete with a selection of books, a couch and comfy chairs, chess set, and more.

An important part of downtown

Copper Coin Coffee acts as a sort of epicenter of downtown, Gullicksen said. “We’re one of the largest spaces that occupies downtown,” he said. The general manager said the shop benefits from the vast variety of retail nearby, along with the pedestrian-friendly downtown area. “Everything just came together at the right time for us to be in that area,” he said.

To learn more about the coffee shop, visit Copper Coin’s website.
For those wanting to stop by Copper Coin, it’s located at 400 Chambers Street in Woodstock.

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