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Buy & Sell Combo Rebate


Save Thousands $$

Pay a lower listing fee when you sell and get money back when you buy to maximize your total savings.

Sellers save when they buy & sell.
Buyers get money back when they buy & sell.

How does it work?

It’s really easy. To qualify for the rebate, you simply commit to working with us by signing a listing agreement and a buyer brokerage agreement. Then close on both properties within six months of each other.

Path & Post reduces the seller side transaction fees by 0.5% at closing on the sale of your home. Listing broker commission prior to rebate must be equal or greater than 6.0%.

Path & Post rebates the buyer side transaction fee by 0.5% at closing on your next purchase. Buyer broker commission prior to rebate must be equal to or greater than 3.0%. Note: In some cases, the lender may dictate how the credit is applied and must approve the rebate.