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Class of 2017 proves Millennials are awesome

If you watch the news or spend time online, chances are you’ve heard of the Millennial Generation. Famous for selfies and social media, Millennials (people born between the 1982 and 2004) often get a bad reputation from talk show hosts. But, one look at the high school Class of 2017 and that stereotype dissolved.

Cherokee County’s more than 2,750 graduating seniors in the Class of 2017 not only earned some of the highest test scores in the state, they also have a passion for community service and a knack for technological innovation. The Class of 2017 has an outstanding work ethic and our community should be proud of these talented young adults.

The list goes on and on, but here are a few things graduating seniors in Cherokee County’s six high schools achieved:

  • Cherokee County schools Class of 2017 had the highest districtwide average SAT scores in metro Atlanta
  • They took more than 4,000 exams to earn credit for college-level classes, while still in high school
  • A group of Woodstock High School students partnered with a local nursing home to enrich senior’s lives with special events and music therapy for Alzheimer’s patients
  • A senior in the 2017 graduating class took first place at the state level Science and Engineering Fair in the Chemistry category
  • A senior won first in state in the Young Authors writing competition
  • Students will be attending nationally recognized schools such as the Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and University of Georgia
  • All students in the Class of 2017 can say they graduated from one of “America’s most challenging high schools,” since all six Cherokee County high schools were named on the Washington Post’s list of most challenging schools

To those who are still convinced Millennials are the worst generation… when was the last time you used Facebook? That was created by a Millennial. They’ve also invented chewing gum that prevents cavities, shoes that generate power as you walk, and bionic gloves to help amputees regain use of their hands.

The point is, Millennials are already shaping the world around us with new technology and innovative products to make our lives better. They may take a lot of selfies, but they’re also working hard to improve our world.

So congratulations to the Class of 2017, we know you’ll do great things!

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