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Celebrating Eight Years of Helping You Find Your Path

On the eighth anniversary of Path & Post, we’d like to focus a bit on the path that brought us here to serve the community through their life transitions, and share more on the how and why we exist. 

On 11/12/13, Brad Nix and Becky Babcock came together to rebrand the Becky Babcock team to Path & Post, a name that was chosen because we share the Path with our client, acting as their guide. We also serve as a strong Post they can lean on throughout the entire process. Our custom ampersand symbol was designed to illustrate the unique approach to connecting people to their homes. For Becky, she shares, “It never felt right having my name (previously) as the brand. It was never about me, and it was never about us. It was always about the client, and how we could provide the most value.” 

Here We Grow Again 

On December 1st, 2016, Path & Post grew again, opening an independent team brokerage, with Brad and Becky as co-owners and brokers, offering an expanded way of enriching the lives of our clients. This transition to an independent brokerage left us full of excitement as we created the first Team Brokerage in Northwest Atlanta. 

It wasn’t an easy decision for us and not one that we took lightly. Our dream of this unique team model had revolutionized the client experience. Our system of service aligns agent and client goals in ways that have never been done before in the real estate industry. We were excited to invest further in our team and our clients. 

‘Why’ Matters Most

When a client comes to us ready to start on a new path, we consider the “why” behind the transition. No one moves for the fun of it, and we understand that often a move is due to a major life event, such as a new job, the arrival of a new child, downsizing from a larger home, or upgrading to a different lifestyle. Sometimes people move due to a loss or other difficult circumstances. In all these situations, we act as their post to lean on as we guide them along the path to a new beginning. For us, asking, “What’s prompting your move?” is the first, and often the simplest, way to find the true meaning of our clients’ why. 

Because of our dedication to finding our clients’ “why,” we embrace the responsibility of our role as a guide along the path to our clients’ next place. For our team, culture and core values is a huge part of what makes us successful as a team and as a player in the real estate industry. If you’re new to Path & Post, our core values are respect, unity, and the golden rule+. These core values form the basis upon which our business thrives and grows, which enables us to better understand the life transitions our clients are going through so we can help and guide them towards achieving their goals.

The Journey Continues

Over the last five years, we have always kept our north star–the consumer–in mind, focused on how we can better enrich their life transition. Our leadership team believes fully that buying and selling real estate is not only the most important financial decision a person will ever make, but it’s also one of the most emotional transitions in life. 

For our clients who have chosen to walk along the path with us, this translates into a true understanding of knowing that the largest investment they’ve ever made in their lives is being trusted to a team of true professionals who work together to deliver incredible experiences as they purchase or sell a home. 

As we look back on the incredible experiences we’ve been able to provide for our clients, we’re grateful that so many paths crossed with ours, and we look forward to continuing this journey beside future buyers and sellers as they discover what matters most

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