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Best Family Park in Kennesaw, GA


With an impressive 42 acres, Swift-Cantrell Park is the largest community park in the City of Kennesaw. Complete with two great playgrounds, walking trails, a dog park, outdoor skate park, Wi-Fi, and picnic pavilions, this park is sure to impress! Located at 3140 Old 41 Highway, Swift-Cantrell Park is a great place for recreation, gathering, and relaxing. Any list of the best parks in Kennesaw should include Swift-Cantrell, here’s why…

Frank Boone Dog Park

What could be better than going to the park? How about going to the park with your best four-legged friend! A full 1.4 acres of Swift-Cantrell Park is dedicated to the Frank Boone Dog Park, with 6-foot fencing and off-leash areas for both large and small dogs. The off-leash park includes a watering station, dog wash area, plastic waste bags, and more!

Kennesaw Skate Park

Another reason why Swift-Cantrell Park should be on your list of best parks in Kennesaw, Georgia is because of the 40,000-square-foot concrete outdoor skate park. The skate area features a Street League Skateboarding Foundation Certified Skate Plaza, a flow course and a bowl. Best of all? The entire skate park is free to use! Just make sure to remember your helmet, because they are required for skateboarders who are 15 and under.

Pavilions, Trails, and More

If you’re still not convinced this is one of the best parks in Kennesaw, there’s more! Swift-Cantrell Park has several picnic areas, and three 1,320-square-foot pavilions. The pavilions can be reserved for $15 an hour, or used for free on a first come, first serve basis. The park also has the Life University Wellness Station, a “complete fitness and body-weight training system designed to deliver a synergistic workout connecting your body’s major anatomical systems and exercises to nearly all of your bones and muscles.”

There are open turf areas for sports and recreation, and two asphalt paved trails: a one-mile perimeter trail, and a half-mile inner-loop trail.

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