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Are You Thinking of Downsizing Your Home?

Should you downsize your home

There are many reasons as to why someone would consider downsizing from a larger home to a smaller one. Maybe the upkeep of your home and yard has become a bit too much over the years. You might be longing for something smaller and more manageable. Empty nesters may decide that suddenly their house has too much room. Whatever reason you may have, you want the process to be as smooth and simple as possible. Knowing who to contact for the downsizing process is an important step as you transition along from your current home to your new home.

Reasons for Home Downsizing

Simplify Your Life: 

Maintaining care for a large home or a multi-level home can be daunting as we age. The list of things to do can be overwhelming, from going up and down the stairs multiple times per day, to cutting the lawn, to servicing a swimming pool, and more. Yard and garage clutter can also seem like a mountainous task. Moving to a smaller space, while decluttering your possessions, can seem like an ideal solution.

Lower Costs:

A smaller dwelling space often means lower utility as well as mortgage bills. Property taxes will also be lower if the new yard has less square footage. If you are on a fixed income, the additional funds will come in handy for those unexpected things that may arise with health issues too.


The care of your home and property should not be something that feels like too much to handle. Moving to a home that is only one level, with a small yard, will be easier long-term. Less space will also mean less clutter to deal with. The upkeep needed on older homes can include plumbing, electricity, as well as other issues that have to be updated over time. Moving would potentially remove the need for that. 

Change of Scenery:

Feel like the weather has been too unpredictable? Maybe it’s time to move somewhere that’s warmer. You might also just wish to live closer to your children and grandchildren. 

Medical Necessity:

As we get older, medical needs can become more prevalent. Moving to a smaller, updated home could be a better fit for medical equipment. You may also want more help from family, an assisted living situation, or to have close proximity to your doctor. 

Should I Downsize?

Ask yourself some basic questions to determine if now is the right time to make the transition from a big living space to a small one.

  • Do you have too much clutter?
  • Has your house become difficult to manage?
  • Does your home have a good amount of equity in it?
  • Are there rooms you no longer use in your home?
  • Do you feel too secluded where you are living?
  • Can you afford to stay where you are another 20 years or more?

If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions, it might be time to consider moving. 

Planning Ahead

Think about where you might like to move. Path & Post can help you research possible areas where you might like to go. Take your time with planning so you can really determine what will work best for your situation. Next, decide on the type of space you would like for your future home. Determine the size, setup, as well as location. Use a timeline to set realistic goals for accomplishing everything in a timely manner. Sorting through what items will be brought with you as well as those that will be donated or given as gifts will take time.

Use a Checklist

As you plan to downsize from your current home, you will want to begin the planning process several months in advance. As a reference, at least three months should be dedicated to the process. 
Start small and go from room to room and decide what items will stay and what will go. Some additional tips as you plan: 

  • Minimize what you bring. You also don’t need multiples of the same items.
  • Label everything so there is no last-minute confusion.
  • Ask friends and family to help you sort through everything.
  • Be sure to pack sentimental items with care.
  • Stay focused on your why: why are you choosing to downsize? 

If you’re looking for more information on the best way to downsize from a larger home and/or where to move, our team of real estate specialists is dedicated to being your guide. Reach out and start a conversation. We’re ready to help!

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