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3 Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving to a new home is an adjustment for animals just like it is for people.

Imagine being a dog or cat and having your world turned upside down, with noise, boxes, and stressed out humans all around you. And then being transplanted to a new place that has new smells and is completely unfamiliar.

Before you engage in a moving adventure with pets, consider these 3 important tips:

  1. Update your address and contact info with microchip companies and collar Identification tags.
  2. If your move involves changing veterinarians, get copies of all medical records to take to the new vet. Plus refills of any medications to have handy during the transition.
  3. Find a safe place for your pet during the actual moving day so they don’t get lost or injured. That safe place could be a crate, pet-sitter, kennel, or a quiet locked room, whatever you know works best to provide a secure place for your pet.

We love helping people and their fur babies find the right place to call home!

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