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3 Critical Steps For Sellers

When preparing a home to sell, it is important to step back from the emotional side of living in the home and look at it from a buyer standpoint. Instead of it being a home, it is a commodity for sale, being compared to other houses on the market.

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There are 3 critical steps every seller should take to ensure their home appeals to a wide range of buyers.

1. Limit Décor to 3 Objects per Flat Surface

In other words, get rid of all the clutter and collections. Put away work items like dish soap and cleaning brushes. Store toiletries that need to be easily accessible inside a décor item like a wicker basket with a lid. No one enjoys seeing deodorant, toothbrushes, razors, or feminine products on the counter when they view a home.

2. Kitchen and Baths should be Hotel Ready

By hotel ready, think if you were paying to stay in a hotel room, would the kitchen and bath pass the cleanliness test? If the grout is missing or mildewed, or the counters are stained or cracked or there is a ring of dirt in the toilet, would you call the front desk and complain if this home was actually a hotel room? If you answer yes, it is time to do a detailed clean on these critical spaces, which can be deal breakers for buyers. No one buying a home wants to step in a nasty shower full of mildew or germs. There are excellent companies that specialize in cleaning and restoring grout to like new, which is a great investment for a seller to make.  Invest in beautiful towels that coordinate plus matching décor to create a welcoming retreat atmosphere in a bathroom.

3. Clean Top to Bottom, including Light Fixtures & Baseboards

Buyers analyze homes and comparison shop. Cleaning is a cost effective way to stand out among the crowd. Clean every nook and cranny, from the light fixtures to the baseboards and everything in between. Paint anything that doesn’t look fresh in a neutral color. Minimize animals in a home by discreetly hiding the litter box, toys, food and bedding. Make sure the curb appeal and first impression feels warm and inviting with a neat and trim yard, plus extras like conversation benches and pots of flowers.

Think of these 3 steps as an investment now that will provide you a great return upon sale.

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