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11.12.13 is a special day for us.

Path & Post was born that day, rebranded from the Becky Babcock team to better represent our collective team effort.

Fast forward 2 years later.

We are having our best year in real estate ever! Sales are up 20% year over year. We are working smarter, collaborating more, and utilizing marketing & technology in ways that set us apart from the typical one size fits all, cookie cutter approach to real estate.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to why we do what we do.

Although my team’s brand has always used my name, Becky Babcock, it is about so much more than me. Choosing the name Path & Post was a way to share why we do what we do in a more intentional way; it was a way to make the brand timeless, so it represents our promise and an expectation for a way of doing business that transcends a single person’s name.

Through the years, even before the birth of Path & Post, our focus has been on the life transitions clients go through as part of a move; understanding that real estate is about more than just a financial transaction.

RUG is an acronym for our core values, forming the foundation for what we do.

Respect. Unity. Golden Rule+.

Our core values have stood the test of time over the years, and reflect our reputation for integrity at work, at home and in our community.

To say I love our Path & Post brand is an understatement. It has given me the freedom to tell stories about some of the most special clients and experiences in helping people. It truly allows me to share why I love what I do, and now it allows my entire team to share why they do what they do. It was never about me in the first place so my name has taken a back seat to our Path & Post brand.

So how did we come up with the name Path & Post? We share the Path with our client, acting as their guide, as well as as serving as a strong Post they can lean on throughout the process. We had the ampersand symbol custom designed to show our unique approach. Our ampersand serves as a connecting symbol to represent how we connect people to homes. At the end of the day, our Path & Post brand focus is about the experience and value we deliver to our clients!


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