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11.12.13 is a special day for us.

Path & Post Team launched November, 12, 2013 as a complete rebrand of the Becky Babcock Team to better represent our business model and future goals to help clients find their path forward in life.

Path & Post is focused on the life transitions clients go through as part of a move; understanding that real estate is about more than just a financial transaction

Enriching your life transition, whether it’s a happy moment or a difficult moment, is why we do what we do. 

Why Path & Post? 

So, how did we come up with the name Path & Post? We share the Path with our client, acting as their guide and serving as a strong Post they can lean on throughout the process. We had the ampersand symbol custom-designed to show our unique approach. Our ampersand serves as a connecting symbol to represent how we connect people to homes. At the end of the day, our Path & Post brand focus is about the experience and value we deliver to our clients! 

A Values-Based Business Model Built Around Respect, Unity, and the Golden Rule+

We believe behavior is the truest form of communication and values are what drive behavior. RUG is an acronym for our core values, forming the foundation for what we do. These core values have stood the test of time over the years and reflect our reputation for integrity at work, at home, and in our community. 

Respect is important in all relationships, as it demonstrates the value people have for other people. Respect forms the foundation of solid, healthy, and meaningful human interactions. We also believe you get what you give in life, and therefore we give respect. We also expect it back from clients, team members, peers, vendors, and others with whom we walk our paths.

Unity is standing together as a team, partnering with our clients, and working towards win-win solutions. Unity is not the same as uniformity. Uniformity is when it all looks the same. Unity is where we all feel the same. For us, unity means customizing our approach to personalize the experience for our clients, so we work as partners towards helping them through the life transition that is prompting their move.

Golden Rule + Everyone knows the Golden Rule, but we take it a step further. Our plus means we give without expectation of getting. We believe in simply doing for others what is good and right for them. Period. Living by this value helps us sleep well at night, knowing that doing the right thing is simply the right thing. No slogan or catchy marketing phrase can convey this concept. It is seen through our actions.

Our RUG values form the basis upon which our business thrives and grows, which enables us to better understand the life transitions our clients are going through so we can help and guide them toward achieving their goals.


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